Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Teleteria is Not a Scam

I've owned three Teleteria designed adult sites now for eight years. If Teleteria is a scam, then how have I been able to pay off not only my mortgage but my son's as well. I have also purchased a brand new Lexus; two Harley Davidson motorcycles; and given each of my kids their own $40,000 dollar weddings.

Teleteria is NOT a scam. I did the work required to market my sites and I have reaped nothing but profit. Sure it was boring and tedious but hey, what else did I have to do that would make me so much money?

I have had numerous conversations with Jay Servidio. I don't understand how anyone can blame their failure on someone else. Anyone who checks out can see how easy it can be to own a web business.

Teleteria is not a scam and those that say it is obviously doesn't do their part in being sucessful. Teleteria gives them the tools and assistance each and everytime! They are totally awesome! Check them out at and see for your self!

Lilly Bard
St. Paul, MN